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Every individual has a huge potential of reaching success. We, Themis Technologies, help people who dream big, achieve their goals by guiding them towards the right direction. As they say, extra efforts in the wrong direction leads to no fruitful results. We have a team of exceptionally talented professionals who are ready to help you at any given time. As we all know, every person is different and have a different approach of working; so, we have our services customized to clients’ specific requirements. People often under estimate themselves, we help them see their true potential. This is not a one-day process; hence, we develop a relationship with our clients to help them keep their patience during this crucial process. From the very first step till the end, we are always there to help our clients with all their queries and confusions. Our approach to the work is different from every other consultant out there. We consider your applications as important as they are to you. We can help you with this as we have helped our past clients and our success rate has been unmatchable. Book your first consultation appointment today.

  • Kuldeep Singh

    Kuldeep Singh

    Ed-tech Entrepreneur

    Celebrating Kuldeep Singh Potiwal, an award-winning IT professional and visionary leader in technology, whose journey embodies innovation, impact, and a commitment to societal change.

    Kuldeep Singh's remarkable achievements and future ambitions showcase a unique blend of advanced technical skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and broad knowledge across various domains.

    To assist Kuldeep in securing his endorsement, we provided personalised guidance every step of the way. Our team advised him on the documentation required for the endorsement application, ensuring that all necessary materials were prepared to meet the stringent criteria.

    But our commitment didn't stop there – we actively participated in the writing and refinement process, leveraging our technical expertise to ensure that Kuldeep's application showcased his full breadth of skills and impact effectively. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail were instrumental in securing Kuldeep's endorsement.

    As our client transitions to the next stage, we continue to provide comprehensive support beyond the initial endorsement. We assist with the visa application process, guiding individuals through the paperwork and requirements to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Yogini Pawar

    Yogini Pawar

    Principal Software Engineer

    Celebrating Yogini Pawar, an award-winning Principal Software Engineer and visionary leader in technology, whose journey embodies innovation, impact, and a commitment to societal change. Yogini Pawar's remarkable achievements and future ambitions showcase a unique blend of advanced technical skills, entrepreneurial mindset, and broad knowledge across various domains.

    To help Yogini secure her endorsement, we provided personalized assistance every step of the way. Firstly, we advised her on the documentation required for the endorsement application, ensuring that all necessary materials were prepared to meet the stringent criteria. We didn't just stop there – we actively participated in the writing and rewriting process, leveraging our technical expertise to ensure that Yogini's application showcased her full breadth of skills and impact effectively. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail were instrumental in securing Yogini's endorsement.

    But our commitment didn't end with the endorsement. As our client transitioned to the next stage, we continued to support their journey. In the second stage, we continue to provide comprehensive support to our clients beyond the initial endorsement.

    We assist with the visa application process, guiding individuals through the paperwork and requirements to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, we offer complimentary services such as job placement assistance, file reviews, and support with any necessary re-applications. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration into their new professional endeavors in the UK.

  • Tuan Dirhaan Fallil

    Tuan Dirhaan Fallil

    IT Solutions & Technology Integration Manager

    Dirhan's journey to securing his Global Talent Visa endorsement reflects our unwavering commitment at Themis Technologies to provide comprehensive support at every stage. From meticulously assisting with documentation to crafting compelling narratives, our team stands shoulder to shoulder with him throughout the process.

    At Themis, we understand that navigating the intricate documentation requirements can be daunting. That's why we actively engage with Dirhan to streamline the process, ensuring all necessary paperwork is meticulously prepared and submitted with precision and efficiency.

    Our dedicated content writers play a crucial role in showcasing Dirhan's unique talents and accomplishments. By crafting persuasive narratives that highlight his expertise, achievements, and potential, we help him stand out in the eyes of Tech Nation and secure the endorsement he deserves.

    But our support doesn't end there. We're with Dirhan every step of the way, offering guidance, encouragement, and expertise to overcome any challenges that may arise. Whether it's addressing queries, refining his profile, or providing reassurance, our team remains fully invested in his success.

    At Themis Technologies, our commitment goes beyond just facilitating the visa application process. We're dedicated to empowering talents like Dirhan to achieve their goals and realize their full potential in the UK's digital technology landscape.

  • Swapnasagar Pradhan

    Swapnasagar Pradhan

    DevOps Practitioner & Web3 Advocate

    Celebrating Swapnasagar Pradhan, an esteemed figure in the field of DevOps, boasting an impressive career spanning over 15 years. With a reputation for developing customer-centric tech solutions, Swapnasagar has been instrumental in propelling digital innovation forward, particularly in the dynamic arena of Web3 technologies. His expertise extends across various domains, including Cloud computing, DevOps methodologies, and the seamless integration of blockchain solutions.

    At Themis Technologies, we specialize in providing expert guidance and support for individuals navigating complex processes like visa applications. When Swapnasagar approached us for assistance with his Global Talent Visa application, we recognized the significance of his journey and the importance of showcasing his unique skills and achievements accurately.

    Our team of expert professionals worked closely with Swapnasagar, tailoring our support to his specific needs and expertise. We crafted a compelling application that highlighted his talents in DevOps, Web3 technologies, and other domains, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

    With our dedicated efforts and collaborative approach, Swapnasagar obtained his Global Talent Visa with ease. We take pride in our role in supporting individuals like Swapnasagar in achieving their aspirations and look forward to assisting more clients in their journeys.

  • Rakshit Kapoor

    Rakshit Kapoor

    Global Business Leader

    We applaud Rakshit Kapoor, an accomplished Global Business Leader with over 20 years of experience. His history of triumph includes driving B2B sales, revenue generation, business development, P&L, large account management and expansion, alternative payments, SAAS technology, and account management. He is also a successful tech entrepreneur, having founded Harmonix, a digital content tech company, in 2000. Under his leadership, Harmonix has grown to an annual profit of $200K from international clients.

    As an outstanding Digital Technology Business Leader and a forward-thinking mentor, Mr. Kapoor has significantly contributed to the industry. His efforts have helped businesses retain clients, resulting in improved product adoption and a massive increase in the Total Portfolio Value (TPV) to multi-billions. He has also led collaborative efforts to develop global roadmaps for alternative payment methods (APMs) and introduced five APMs to the market, achieving General Availability (GA) status.

    Congratulations, Rakshit Kapoor! We anticipate your further impact on the UK's digital technology sector.

  • Muhammed Shabreen

    Muhammed Shabreen

    Engineering Leader and Chief Technology Architect

    Celebrating Muhammed Shabreen's exceptional journey in engineering leadership, product development, and global digital transformation, which showcases a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and an unwavering commitment to pioneering solutions that reshape industries.

    At Themis Technologies, we played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and successful Global Talent Visa endorsement process for Muhammed Shabreen.

    As a trusted consultancy, we leveraged our collective expertise and in-depth understanding of the UK Global Talent Visa criteria to meticulously craft an endorsement application that showcased Muhammed's unparalleled track record of innovation and impact.

    Our team provided expert guidance and support, ensuring that every aspect of Muhammed's contributions to technology and entrepreneurship was effectively communicated. From highlighting his pivotal role in spearheading transformative projects to showcasing his strategic vision in driving sustainable growth, we left no stone unturned in presenting Muhammed's exceptional talents in the best possible light.

    Moreover, our proactive approach enabled us to anticipate and navigate potential challenges, offering strategic insights and solutions to overcome any hurdles that could have arisen during the application process. By meticulously documenting Muhammed's groundbreaking achievements and their profound impact on global tech landscapes, we significantly bolstered his endorsement success.

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Muhammed Shabreen on this well-deserved achievement and eagerly anticipate his continued contributions to the digital technology sector in the United Kingdom and beyond.

  • Akindayo Solomon Akindolani

    Akindayo Solomon Akindolani

    Tech Entrepreneur and Executive

    We celebrate Akindayo Solomon Akindolani, a diligent EdTech leader with 16+ years in ICT who excels in customer-centric product development. Renowned for innovation, technology enablement, and mentoring startups, he pioneered digital education for the UK's marginalised African youth and immigrant tech communities.

    As the Founder/Managing Partner of McAnderson Institute of Technology (MIT) Nigeria and Executive Director of The Zariah Elizabeth Foundation, he strives to create scalable products for impactful student outcomes, anticipating a world with universally accessible, affordable, and captivating education.

    Themis Technologies ensured a smooth Global Talent Visa endorsement for Akindayo Solomon Akindolani.

    As your trusted consultancy, we offered expert guidance, simplifying complexities and facilitating documentation. Our proactive approach and deep knowledge of the UK Global Talent Visa criteria ensured a detailed application process.

    Guiding potential challenges, we provided strategic insights to overcome hurdles during endorsement. Our commitment to precision and personalised support eliminated confusion, contributing significantly to Akindayo Solomon Akindolani's success.

  • Susheel Kumar Pogaku

    Susheel Kumar Pogaku

    Visionary Tech Entrepreneur and Expert Product Innovator

    Celebrating Susheel Kumar Pogaku, a visionary tech entrepreneur and expert product innovator whose journey exemplifies excellence, innovation, and a commitment to transforming industries. Susheel Kumar Pogaku's impressive track record in app, product, and business development across diverse sectors showcases a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and a passion for creating industry-changing solutions.

    We, at Themis Technologies, played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and successful Global Talent Visa endorsement process for Susheel Kumar Pogaku. As a trusted consultancy, we provided expert guidance, clarifying any complexities and streamlining the documentation process. Our proactive approach and in-depth knowledge of the UK Global Talent Visa criteria ensured that every aspect of the application was meticulously addressed.

    We excelled in efficiently navigating potential challenges, offering strategic insights to overcome any hurdles that could arise during the endorsement application process. Our commitment to precision and personalised support not only eliminated confusion but also significantly contributed to Susheel Kumar Pogaku's endorsement success.

    We congratulate Susheel Kumar Pogaku on his achievements and look forward to witnessing his continued impact on the digital technology sector in the United Kingdom.

  • Sydney Lewis

    Sydney Lewis

    Award-winning Data Scientist and Leading Researcher in Tech

    Celebrating Sydney Lewis, an award-winning Data Scientist and leading researcher in technology, whose journey embodies innovation, impact, and a commitment to societal change. Sydney Lewis's remarkable achievements and future ambitions showcase a unique blend of advanced data science skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and broad knowledge across various domains.

    Themis Technologies, a trusted consultancy with deep expertise in the UK Global Talent Visa endorsement process, was crucial in assisting Sydney Lewis in preparing all the necessary documentation for their endorsement application. Our team of professionals provided personalised guidance, addressing Sydney Lewis's unique profile and achievements, ensuring that the application met the stringent criteria of Tech Nation.

    The endorsement application process can present roadblocks, and Themis Technologies worked closely with Sydney Lewis to identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them. Our experience and insights maximised Sydney Lewis's chances of securing the Global Talent Visa endorsement, presenting their qualifications and achievements in the best possible light.

    Sydney Lewis is a testament to the global talent that the UK tech industry is proud to welcome. Their diverse experience, commitment to innovation, and social responsibility make them an invaluable addition to the ever-evolving landscape of technology in the United Kingdom.

  • Jayakaran Theivendramoorthy

    Jayakaran Theivendramoorthy

    Seasoned Cloud Architect and Product Innovator

    Overcoming Rejection: Jayakaran's Journey to the UK Global Talent Visa

    Congratulations, Jayakaran, with over a decade of experience in Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Product Engineering, and Fintech Solutions, embarked on the journey to secure a Global Talent Visa to contribute his expertise to the vibrant UK digital technology sector.

    Despite Jayakaran's impressive career and portfolio of successful projects, he faced an initial setback when his visa application was rejected. However, we took immediate action by challenging the decision on his behalf.

    At Themis Technologies, we understand that the path to securing a Global Talent Visa can be complex. Jayakaran's case exemplifies our commitment to our clients - we stand by you from the beginning to the end of your journey. If you face rejection, we challenge the decision on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the comprehensive support you deserve.

    Our seasoned professionals meticulously reviewed Jayakaran's case, collaborating closely with him to identify key strengths, refine his narrative, and present a compelling story that showcased his exceptional contributions to the digital technology landscape. We emphasise a unique narrative that not only highlights technical prowess but also underscores the impact on diverse projects. The focus is on demonstrating the ability to drive digital transformation, solve complex challenges, and significantly contribute to the success of various organisations.

    With the refined narrative and a comprehensive understanding of Jayakaran's multifaceted contributions, we supported him in the appeal process. The result was a successful appeal, overturning the initial rejection and securing the much-deserved endorsement for the UK Global Talent Visa.

  • Tejas P. Sakpal

    Tejas P. Sakpal

    Software developer & Product Innovator

    Raising a Toast to Tejas: A Visionary in Tech

    Tejas's future ambitions include continuing to work in product development within the UK tech sector, focusing on both B2B and B2C spaces. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to create a startup that addresses market gaps in crash analytic tools for mobile SDKs, benefitting both established companies and small-scale startups. He envisions contributing to the growth of the UK digital technology sector and building a more skilled workforce.

    Themis Technologies is a trusted consultancy with deep expertise in the UK Global Talent Visa endorsement process. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies and requirements set forth by Tech Nation, which is essential for a successful application. We played a crucial role in assisting Tejas in preparing all the necessary documentation for his endorsement application. This included reviewing, editing, and structuring the application documents to ensure they met the stringent criteria of Tech Nation. Our team provided Tejas with personalised guidance, addressing his unique profile and achievements. They helped him present his career journey and key contributions in a way that would resonate with the endorsing body.

    The endorsement application process can present roadblocks, with various challenges and requirements to fulfil. We worked closely with Tejas to identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them, ensuring that the application was resilient in the face of challenges.

    With our experience and insights, we maximised Tejas's chances of securing the Global Talent Visa endorsement. Our guidance and support were instrumental in presenting Tejas's qualifications and achievements in the best possible light.

    Tejas is a testament to the global talent that the UK tech industry is proud to welcome. His diverse experience and commitment to innovation make him an invaluable addition to the ever-evolving landscape of technology in the United Kingdom.

  • Medhams Vuthpala

    Medhams Vuthpala

    Agile DevOps & Cloud Transformation

    Medhams Vuthpala, a seasoned Agile DevOps & Cloud Transformation professional with over 12 years of experience, has a remarkable career track record. Eager to explore international opportunities and contribute to the global technology landscape, Medhams set his sights on obtaining a Global Talent Visa to work in the UK. However, he was aware of the daunting challenge presented by the endorsement application process. To ensure his success, he sought assistance from Themis Technologies, a renowned consultancy specialising in helping tech professionals navigate the complex Global Talent Visa endorsement procedure.

    Navigating the Complex Endorsement Application Process. The initial and often most challenging step of the Global Talent Visa application is securing an endorsement from an approved endorsing body. This step requires applicants to demonstrate exceptional expertise and potential in their field, making it a critical and rigorous phase of the visa application process. When we submitted the application first time, Tech Nation rejected highlighting the need for more evidence.

    We have a proven track record of aiding Global Talent Visa applicants in securing endorsements in first application, in review appeal and in re-application process. Confident in our approach, our team worked closely with Medhams to review his initial application, identifying areas that needed improvement. We enhanced the presentation of his achievements, leadership, and contributions to the field. Our highly competent writing team effectively highlighted his unique attributes, career milestones, and technological prowess in a manner that resonated with the endorsing body.

    We presented a compelling case to Tech Nation. His extensive experience in designing and launching high-end projects, automating CI/CD processes, and reducing MTTR and MTBF impressed the endorsing body. Moreover, his commitment to open-source contributions, community engagement, and tech leadership showcased his holistic impact on the industry.

    As a result of our diligent efforts, his appeal for the Global Talent Visa endorsement review was successful. The turnaround was a testament to the power of expert guidance and the dedication of both Medhams and Themis Technologies.

  • Shashi Arya

    Dr Shashi Arya

    Environmental Science & Tech Sponsored Researcher

    Dr Arya was offered the prestigious Global Talent Visa endorsement, which provided her with the opportunity to pursue an Imperial Climate and Energy Early Academic Fellowship at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, as part of the British Council Women in STEM program. This fellowship allowed her to work on her research on advanced technologies for sustainable E-waste management, focusing on resource recovery and reducing environmental impacts.

    With expertise in visa endorsement processes, Themis Technologies guided Dr Arya in preparing a strong endorsement application for the Royal Academy of Engineering. They ensured that the application aligned with the priority areas of STEM in the UK and highlighted Dr Arya's potential to contribute significantly to the field of environmental science and engineering.

    To strengthen Dr Arya's application, we conducted an impact assessment of her proposed research on E-waste management. The assessment demonstrated the potential benefits of her work, including environmental preservation, resource conservation, and economic opportunities.

    With the diligent support of our expert writers and her exceptional credentials, Dr Shashi Arya's application for the Global Talent Visa was successful. The Royal Academy of Engineering recognised her as a pathbreaking environmental scientist with immense potential to contribute to the UK's research landscape and endorsed her under the Promise category.

    The success story of Dr Shashi Arya exemplified the importance of strong support networks along with expert guidance and collaboration with the UK’s Top Global Talent Visa Endorsement Experts- Themis Technologies. Her journey showcased how the combination of exceptional talent and the right platform can drive meaningful change and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

  • Shotola Hammed Oluwole

    Shotola Hammed Oluwole

    UX/UI Design Expert

    Mr Hammed is an accomplished UX/UI Designer with four years of relevant experience in various industries, including Fintech, e-commerce, Edtech, and Blockchain. He has a proven track record of translating business concepts into engaging digital products that resonate with customers. His expertise lies in designing applications and FinTech platforms for businesses, as well as creating effective back-office dashboards and customer service tools for dash applications.

    In March 2022, Hammed reached out to us regarding his Global Talent Visa application. At first, he was uncertain about the strength of his profile, leading him to consider withdrawing. However, we convinced him that our team would work diligently to secure the endorsement and support him till the very end. Encouraged by this assurance, he decided to invest his savings and proceeded with our expert team.

    However, his initial application was rejected, and the rejection was disheartening, but Hammed and our team did not lose hope. We together decided to conduct a comprehensive review of the initial application. We realised that while Hammed's accomplishments and expertise were significant, the documentation and supporting letters submitted may not have been fully comprehended by Tech Nation assessing team. To improve the chances of success in the review appeal, we devised a strategy.

    We ensured that the review application fully complied with the Global Talent visa endorsement criteria. We emphasised Hammed's exceptional talent and potential to make significant contributions to the UK's tech industry.

    Thanks to the thorough review appeal process and the compelling arguments presented, Hammed's Global Talent visa endorsement was successfully granted. The UK recognised his exceptional talent and potential to contribute significantly to the country's tech sector. If you are an exceptionally talented tech professional, the UK's Global Talent Visa can be your gateway to endless possibilities, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experienced professionals understands the intricacies of the Global Talent endorsement process and has a remarkable track record of securing successful endorsements for our clients. Join us today.

  • Apurva Tandon

    Apurva Tandon

    MS Computer Science Student

    We congratulate Apurva Tandon for attending the UK Tech Job Support Program offered by Themis Technologies Ltd! As an MS Computer Science student and former consultant, Apurva recognised the significance of professional guidance in his job search journey in the competitive UK job market. We at Themis Technologies Ltd provided invaluable support to Apurva in his pursuit of a Full Stack .Net Developer role, enabling him to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable job search success.

    We began with an in-depth assessment to understand Apurva's career goals and unique strengths. We then helped him revamp his CV, strategically highlighting his achievements, skills, and experiences, incorporating industry-specific keywords to increase visibility in applicant tracking systems. Additionally, we helped optimise Apurva's LinkedIn profile, crafting a compelling online presence aligned with his career objectives.

    The impact of our support was evident as Apurva's visibility among recruiters and employers significantly increased, resulting in more interview invitations. The personalised approach taken by us helped Apurva develop a strong personal brand that effectively communicated his unique value proposition during interviews, boosting his confidence and articulation.

    Through the UK Tech Job Support Program, Apurva gained valuable interview preparation guidance and personalised recommendations to enhance his overall job search strategy.

    At Themis Technologies Ltd, we take great pride in empowering job seekers like Apurva to thrive in the UK tech job market. Our exceptional culture drives our commitment to providing personalised and innovative support, ensuring our clients' success in their career pursuits. Congratulations to Apurva on his proactive approach, and we wish him continued success in his career endeavours!

  • Ashwath Sekar

    Ashwath Sekar

    Cloud Computing & IoT Expert

    In pursuing his dreams, Ashwath Sekar's journey with Themis Technologies has been nothing short of extraordinary. We recognised Ashwath's commitment to his work and delivered on our promise to support him in obtaining the most prestigious endorsement from Tech Nation under the Exceptional Talent category, a testament to his exceptional skill set and contributions to the field of technology.

    Throughout his career, Ashwath has achieved numerous key milestones and accomplishments. One of his proudest achievements is holding a patent. Ashwath's dedication to innovation is evident in his role in developing Veyyon, an authentic product consisting of a modular high-performance solar panel assembly. This product has the potential to revolutionise how solar panels are perceived and sold in the current market, showcasing his commitment to sustainable technology.

    His long list of achievements drove Ashwath to seek endorsement for the Global Talent Visa to continue his pursuit of contributing to the transformation of the UK's technology landscape. However, the endorsement process by Tech Nation is rigorous and demands evidence of significant achievements and contributions to the field. Ashwath faced the challenge of gathering the right documentation and aligning it with the endorsement criteria. By collaborating with experts at Themis, he received timely guidance on what specific evidence to include and how to present it convincingly. This ensured that his application met the stringent endorsement standards, positioning him as a standout candidate in his field.

    Ashwath successfully navigated these challenges, turning potential roadblocks into stepping stones to obtaining the Global Talent Visa and working with Themis Technologies. The expert guidance allowed him to present his achievements effectively and gave him the confidence to showcase his true potential as a leader in building automation, setting him on a trajectory for continued success and growth in the UK's technology landscape.

    Working with Themis Technologies on a global talent visa isn't just about pursuing a career; it's about joining a passionate community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to shape a better, smarter, and more sustainable future. With Themis Technologies, the possibilities are limitless, and the impact is profound.

    As professionals read Ashwath's story, they are encouraged to take the leap, dream big, and embrace the journey of growth and excellence with Themis Technologies. Together, we can create a world where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape and inspiring generations to come.

  • Ambika Paranthaman

    Ambika Paranthaman

    Data Scientist and Researcher

    Meet Dr. Ambika Paranthaman, an accomplished Data Scientist and Researcher with over 10 years of experience, who recently secured the endorsement for the Global Talent Visa. She has a proven track record of driving business performance through her expertise in predictive modelling, machine learning, and big data. Ambika's exceptional skills and accomplishments have positioned her as a valuable asset in the tech industry, and her endorsement to the Global Talent Visa opens new horizons for her innovative solutions in the UK's tech forefront.

    While applying for a global talent visa, Ambika faced the challenge choosing between several OC and MC options to best present her profile.

    As we understand the complexities and uncertainties that can arise when navigating the Global Talent Visa application. We took the time to understand Ambika's unique talents, accomplishments, and aspirations. Collaborating closely with her, we provide detailed guidance on the application requirements, necessary documentation, and best practices to showcase her expertise and achievements effectively.

    Our high-level subject matter experts are well-versed in the tech industry and have a deep understanding of the Global Talent Visa program. They further assessed her profile and provided insights in crafting compelling narratives and evidence that highlight Ambika's exceptional skills and contributions. They ensured that her profile stands out among the competition, capturing the attention of the endorsing bodies and securing the endorsement she deserves.

    We continue to strive to alleviate her concerns and provide the guidance she needs to navigate the stage 2 visa application process successfully, allowing her to focus on what she does best – bringing her innovative solutions to the UK's tech forefront.

  • Sudarsan Govinda reddy

    Sudarsan Govinda reddy

    Senior Software Engineer

    Mr Sudarsan Govinda Reddy, a Senior Software Engineer with over 13 years of experience, has been endorsed for the Global Talent Visa under the Exceptional Talent category. He has made significant contributions to Cloudflare's establishment in the zero-trust space and is a respected member of the technology community. Sudarsan is set to be a great addition to the UK tech sector.

    Sudarsan was looking for the best way to switch from Skilled Worker Visa and continue stay in the UK. He found the Global Talent Visa meeting his requirements, however, he faced a significant challenge when it came to showcasing his accomplishments and providing evidence to support his profile for endorsement. Understanding the importance of presenting a comprehensive and compelling case, we went above and beyond to assist Sudarsan in overcoming these difficulties.

    As a seasoned professional with a decade of experience, Sudarsan had made numerous contributions to the software engineering industry. However, gathering all the relevant documentation and reference letters proved to be a time-consuming and daunting task.

    Our team at Themis Technologies recognised the significance potential in Sudarsan and took immediate action. Our expert team worked closely with him to identify and categorise his accomplishments, ensuring that every noteworthy contribution was thoroughly documented.

    Additionally, Sudarsan expressed concerns about the complexity of the application process itself. With numerous requirements and specific guidelines to adhere to, he felt overwhelmed and unsure about the best approach. Our client experience managers helped him resolve his doubts through detailed guidance and breaking down the process into manageable steps. We ensured Sudarsan was informed at every stage, alleviating his anxieties and giving him peace of mind throughout the application journey.

    Thanks to the collective efforts, his profile was successfully accepted for endorsement. His accomplishments were effectively showcased, leaving no doubt about his technical prowess, leadership skills, and contributions to the industry.

  • Vartul Goyal

    Vartul Goyal

    Cybersecurity Product Innovator

    Mr Vartul Goyal set his sights on obtaining a Global Talent Visa endorsement, however, unsure of the process and seeing the complexity of guidelines, he turned to Themis Technologies Ltd for guidance and support. We eagerly took on the task of helping him navigate the complex visa application process, starting with carefully explaining the comprehensive guidelines set forth by the Tech Nation Visa program.

    As part of our process, our team and Vartul engaged in frequent brainstorming sessions allowing us to delve deep into his professional achievements, skills, and experiences. Together, we identified key areas that would make his profile stand out among other applicants.

    Many professionals possess the skills necessary for a Global Talent Visa endorsement, but they often struggle to project those skills in their applications effectively. This is where our team of skilled writers played an important role. Leveraging our expertise in crafting compelling technical documents, we meticulously translated Mr Vartul's achievements into a captivating story that would resonate with the endorsing body.

    During the submission process, we again reviewed every document, ensuring that all requirements were met and that Mr Vartul's unique skills and accomplishments were effectively conveyed.

    Overall, we provided extensive support to Vartul in organising and structuring his evidence for the Global Talent Visa application. Our expertise in presenting evidence of innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, and industry influence played a vital role in strengthening Vartul's case and maximising his chances of securing the endorsement. Our deep understanding of the visa process, coupled with our commitment to supporting exceptional talent, played a pivotal role in Vartul's successful journey. Receiving a Global Talent Visa endorsement is a significant milestone for tech professionals, and in this journey, our experts serve as their trusted advisors, playing a crucial role in achieving this achievement.

  • Jaskanwar Singh

    Jaskanwar Singh

    Blockchain expert & Techpreneur

    It is with immense joy and excitement that we share our latest success story. We have received another Global Talent Visa endorsement, this time for Mr Jaskanwar Singh under the Promise category. Mr Jaskanwar is a technological innovator, researcher, and entrepreneur with a demonstrated record of leadership success in building and launching products that represent decentralised software solutions for Web3 clients. He plays the role of the youngest CTO of the Middle East's 4th largest Insurtech, spearheads an Online Insurance purchasing portal with a record-breaking growth of 2000% in revenue and is the co-founder of two tech companies utilising modern decentralised digital technologies like Blockchain.

    At Themis Technologies, we take pride in our commitment to supporting exceptional talent like Mr Jaskanwar. From the moment he approached us, we recognised his outstanding potential and were determined to help him navigate the complex process of securing his endorsement.

    One of the most significant challenges for individuals seeking the Global Talent Visa is the overwhelming documentation process. Understanding the importance of this step, we meticulously guided Mr Jaskanwar through each requirement, providing clear instructions and simplifying the process. Our experienced team of Client Experience managers ensured that all necessary documents were gathered and organised efficiently, reducing any stress or confusion along the way.

    We collaborated closely with him to create supporting documents that highlighted his exceptional skills, accomplishments, and contributions to the field. Our team's technical knowledge enabled us to showcase his achievements in a manner that resonated with the assessors, strengthening his case for endorsement.

    Every individual's profile is distinct, for Mr Jaskanwar, we recognised his exceptional achievements and unique strengths. Leveraging our expertise and insights, we provided him with customised solutions that highlighted his specific talents and potential.

    We are proud to have played a vital role in helping him secure his Global Talent Visa endorsement, and we reaffirm our dedication to supporting exceptional talent and empowering individuals like Mr Jaskanwar to thrive in their respective fields. At Themis Technologies, we remain committed to providing unparalleled guidance, support, and tailored solutions to help aspiring individuals turn their dreams into reality.

  • Vijay Skand Devarakonda

    Vijay Skand Devarakonda

    Technology Entrepreneur & Product Strategist

    We are on cloud nine and excited to share the wonderful news about Mr Vijay Skand Devarakonda's successful endorsement for the Global Talent Visa. With 20+ years of global techno-business leadership experience, he has executed seamless strategic planning and execution of business/technology transformation programs for leading Fortune 500 organisations in Banking, the Public Sector, Oil & Gas, FMCG, and Pharma across EMEA, APAC and North America. With his expertise in scaling startups and cutting-edge open-source technologies, he is uniquely qualified to enhance the UK's global standing in digital advancements through innovative digital product development.

    Coming from a strong background in product planning and execution throughout the product life cycle, including user persona analysis, prioritising product features, defining product vision and strategy, product roadmap, UI design, and digital marketing, Vijay has executed complex digital and data transformation projects worth over US$ 9mn for clients across various countries.

    Vijay sought to apply for the Global Talent Visa Endorsement in Digital Technology to be a part of the thriving tech ecosystem in the UK, which is known for its innovation, access to cutting-edge technologies, and strong business networks. However, the endorsement criteria and guidelines provided by the endorsing bodies must be thoroughly understood to ensure the application meets the necessary standards. Like any other first time applicant, Vijay also got overwhelmed with the process and reached out to us for assistance.

    As the UK’s leading Global Talent Visa endorsement consulting company, we assisted Vijay in increasing his chances of getting endorsement from Tech Nation. By applying our technology sector expertise, knowledge of working with global technology professionals and endorsement success history, we provided Vijay with end-to-end guidance, assisting him with the necessary documentation and helping him present his case in the most favourable light, resulting in a successful endorsement.

    This endorsement is the gateway for Vijay to execute more complex digital transformation projects and developing high-value global products for UK-based companies and organisations, using cutting-edge technology facilities and resources available in the country.

    To fully unleash your entrepreneurial potential, consider applying for the UK's Global Talent Visa. With this visa, you can live and work in the UK, where entrepreneurial opportunities abound. The UK is a hub for innovation and creativity, offering a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in all sectors. Don't wait to make your mark on the world. Apply for the Global Talent Visa today and start building your future!

  • Mr Mandeep Ubhi

    Mr Mandeep Ubhi

    Technology Entrepreneur & Founder (DevSRE)

    We are thrilled to announce the latest achievement of Mr Mandeep Ubhi, a Technology Entrepreneur and Founder, and congratulate him on his successful endorsement for the Global Talent Visa. With over 20 years of experience working with some of the world's most prestigious companies, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., Optum (a UnitedHealth Group company), and Microsoft, he is poised to contribute to the growth of the UK's tech industry with his company DevSRE's structured, swift, and cost-effective transformation solutions.

    Mandeep has gained extensive experience in the fields of DevOps, DevSRE cloud computing, and digital transformation and has become a recognised thought leader in these areas. He wanted to move to the UK to grow his company DevSRE and expand his business internationally. Given the flexibility of the UK’s Global Talent Visa, he chooses to apply for an endorsement from Tech Nation to be able to work and live in the UK. The application process was complex and required a significant amount of documentation, making it challenging to present his case in the best way possible.

    Mandeep reached out to Themis Technologies, a leading Global Talent Visa endorsement consulting company in the UK, for guidance and support with his endorsement and visa application. We provided Mandeep with end-to-end guidance, assisting him with the necessary documentation and helping him present his case in the most favourable light. Our team worked closely with Mandeep, providing advice and support throughout the visa application process and putting together a strong application that highlighted his expertise, experience, and future contribution to the UK tech industry.

    Thanks to our comprehensive support, Mandeep's Global Talent Visa endorsement application was successful, allowing him to move to the UK and grow his business DevSRE in the UK. Mandeep is excited about the opportunities the UK offers and looks forward to contributing to the growth of the country's tech industry. With his experience, expertise, and innovative solutions, Mandeep is set to make a significant impact on the UK's tech sector, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

  • Ramesh Chinnaraj

    Ramesh Chinnaraj

    Data Scientist Leader

    Mr Ramesh Chinnaraj is a versatile, reliable, efficient and highly qualified Data Scientist with 13 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. With an extraordinary blend of technical skills and service and management understanding, I have a proven track record of exceeding business goals in various Telco industries like British Telecom, Saudi Telecom, and Tata Communications and obtained enormous domain knowledge.

    His most notable achievements include introducing novel technologies/methods for the government of Papua New Guinea. Driven by the desire to impact his community positively through technology, he has worked tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that have transformed PNG’s Telecom industry.

    Recently, Ramesh applied for a UK Global Talent Visa endorsement to take his career to the next level. When we received feedback from Tech Nation rejecting his Global Talent Visa endorsement application, we did not lose hope. Instead, we prepared a review application to challenge the decision. Despite facing rejection, Ramesh also remained positive and self-assured in our expert guidance. He never doubted his abilities and persevered with patience and confidence, leading to his successful endorsement after filing a review appeal. Our experts explained why Ramesh's profile met the criteria for exceptional talent in the digital technology field and highlighted his extensive experience and achievements in the PNG’s telecom sector.

    By staying positive and working collaboratively with Ramesh, we presented a convincing review application that ultimately led to his successful endorsement of exceptional talent in the digital technology field.

    The success of Ramesh's appeal is a testament to the value of perseverance, determination, and teamwork. Despite the initial setback, we remained committed to helping Ramesh and worked tirelessly to ensure that he received his endorsement. This case study highlights the importance of having a supportive team and a positive attitude when faced with challenges.

  • Tahrima Kamal

    Tahrima Kamal


    We are thrilled to announce another victory, this time for Ms Tahrima Kamal, founder of CyberAware, for her successful Innovator Visa Endorsement.

    This is a significant milestone for Ms Kamal and CyberAware, and we at Themis Technologies are proud to have assisted her in this journey.

    Our team has worked closely with Ms Kamal to refine her business idea and present a strong case for endorsement, and we couldn't be more thrilled with this outcome.

    CyberAware is an innovative digital platform that provides exceptional, adaptive, dynamic, and affordable enterprise security awareness solutions that deliver high-quality results and add value to organizations worldwide. Ms Kamal's vision for the future of cybersecurity is truly inspiring, and we believe that CyberAware has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

    This endorsement is also significant for Themis Technologies as it marks our last endorsement for the Innovator Visa under the previous route prior to the launch of the new Innovator Route. We are proud to have played a part in supporting Ms Kamal and other entrepreneurs in their journey to success.

    We would like to congratulate Ms Kamal once again and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. We can't wait to see what she and CyberAware achieve in the coming years.

  • Ajakpovi Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Ifoghale Ajakpovi

    IoT, Cloud and Automation Specialist

    Mr Ajakpovi Emmanuel holds experience in various service verticals such as Wholesale, Retail, and Enterprise, possessing vast knowledge in key value segments of mobile networks and services, rural telephone networks, IoT, Data Centres, operations and maintenance, fibre optic transmission systems, FTTX, and other value-added services.

    Throughout his career, Emmanuel has always been driven by the desire to impact his community positively through technology. He has worked tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that have transformed African businesses and industries.

    Recently, Emmanuel applied for a UK Global Talent Visa endorsement to take his career to the next level. When we received feedback from Tech Nation rejecting his Global Talent Visa endorsement application, we did not lose hope. Instead, we prepared a review application to challenge the decision. We remained positive throughout the process and outlined our reasons for requesting a review. Our experts explained why Emmanuel's profile met the criteria for exceptional talent in the digital technology field and highlighted his extensive experience and achievements in the African ICT sector.

    Emmanuel, in turn, showed great belief and satisfaction in the team's commitment to his case. His confidence in our abilities and expertise helped motivate the team to put in their best efforts and present a strong case for his endorsement.

    By staying positive and working collaboratively with Emmanuel, we were able to present a convincing review application that ultimately led to Emmanuel's successful endorsement of exceptional talent in the digital technology field.

    Join us in congratulating Ajakpovi Emmanuel on his successful Global Talent Visa endorsement, and let his story inspire you to pursue your passions and strive for excellence in your field through Global Talent Visa.

  • Vishal Bali

    Vishal Bali

    Big Data & AI Product Innovator

    Let us all congratulate Vishal Bali, a highly talented Big Data and AI Product Innovator, on his Global Talent Visa endorsement. He is a global technology leader, product innovator and C-suite business leader with over 20 years of experience across organisations in the UK, Europe, Asia, China, the Middle East, Africa, and India.

    He had always been passionate about his work and had made significant contributions to his company's success. With Themis Technologies' support, Vishal gathered all the necessary documents and submitted his application to Tech Nation, hoping to receive an endorsement in the exceptional talent category.

    However, to our disappointment, Vishal's application was rejected by Tech Nation due to unsatisfactory evidence in one category. We are were disheartened by the news but refused to give up. We knew that Vishal was an exceptional talent, and we were determined to help him achieve his goal.

    Our team thoroughly analysed Vishal's application and identified the areas that needed improvement. We carefully reviewed all the documents and identified areas where Vishal's skills and achievements were not adequately highlighted. We also helped him to provide additional evidence to support his claims. Overall, we ensured that all the required documentation was complete, accurate, and relevant.

    With the help of Themis, Vishal reapplied for the Global Talent visa endorsement. His second application was a testament to his and our hard work, dedication, and talent. We had left no stone unturned in ensuring that Vishal's application was impeccable. This time, Tech Nation recognised Vishal's exceptional talent and awarded him the endorsement he deserved.

    Our team was overjoyed by the news. The case study of Vishal Bali is an excellent example of how perseverance, hard work, and dedication can pay off. Despite the initial setback, the Themis team never lost hope and continued to support Vishal throughout his application process. Our efforts and guidance were instrumental in helping Vishal achieve his goal of obtaining a Global Talent visa endorsement.

  • Harshil Vijaykumar Joshi

    Harshil Vijaykumar Joshi

    Technology Academician & Researcher

    Excited to share another Global Talent Visa Endorsement success story for Mr Harshil Vijaykumar Joshi, an academician and researcher with more than 12 years of experience in emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Data Science domain in the computer engineering field.

    Mr Harshil Vijaykumar Joshi, a versatile scientist with a vast research publication portfolio, contacted Themis Technologies Ltd seeking a startup visa. However, based on the assessment, our team concluded that Harshil’s profile is the best fit for Global Talent Visa, and we prepared his application under the Exceptional Promise category.

    Upon carefully reviewing, evaluating and learning about Harshil’s contributions, we made Harshil’s future plan “to provide expert scientific and technical support to UK businesses, investigating customer workflows and IT infrastructures to understand their needs, designing solutions, and managing projects to deliver these solutions” as one of the key highlights. After a series of refining steps, consultation with endorsement experts and our research network, we submitted the final documents.

    To our and Harshil’s surprise, Tech Nation declared him an Exceptional Talent. It rarely happens as Tech Nation follows a highly competitive content-based process that can only be cracked if the application is technically sound, has correct facts, and is highly promising. Harshil’s success story motivates many professionals never to doubt their ability to become Global Talent. This case taught us that results could be in anyone’s favour with proper guidance and support. Harshil, who once thought this process impossible, is now working with us to relocate and get hired in the UK.

  • Suchit Subodh Mishra

    Suchit Subodh Mishra

    Cybersecurity Expert

    Excited to share 2023’s first successful Global Talent Visa Endorsement for Mr Suchit Mishra, a cybersecurity expert with 20+ years of global industry experience and currently creating a cloud data security platform to help organisations detect and prevent data breaches within minutes instead of months. A public speaker and panellist at top security conferences, Suchit is passionate about contributing and giving back to the digital ecosystem.

    Mr Suchit Subodh Mishra, a dynamic cybersecurity expert, came to Themis Technologies Ltd seeking our expertise in applying for Global Talent Visa Endorsement. During the discussion, we weighted his 20+ years of global industry experience, a robust 5-year future strategy and his goal to establish a company based on applied research and predicted results in his favour. We worked closely with Suchit, where he provided every necessary input and prepared his application with solid evidence and recommendations from the industry leaders.

    Since our team is technically sound and has knowledge of the ins and outs of the UK technology industry, we were in the best position to comprehend Tech Nation’s highly content/skills-based guidelines. We helped Suchit present latest advancements in the Cybersecurity sector and the best way to show those in his application. What’s fascinating is that his application was submitted on 20th Jan 2023, and Tech Nation responded on 25th Jan 2023 (in 5 days) with the good news. We are very excited to see Suchit excel in his future endeavours and contributions in the UK. Keep shining, Suchit!

  • Nitin Harale

    Nitin Harale

    AIOPS products leader

    Excited to share one more successful GlobalTalentVisa Endorsement for Mr Nitin Harale, an expert in AIOPS products leader with over 23 years of experience in Innovation, Product Development, Product Management, and Automation. By joining the UK startup ecosystem, Nitin plans to take it to new heights by leveraging his expertise in automation technologies such as NLP, RPA, ML and AI.

    Nitin’s case is one of the classic examples of a turnaround result where we challenged Tech Nation’s negative assessment of his Global Talent Visa Endorsement application and got a positive response in less than 3 weeks.

    We first applied to Tech Nation on the 6th of September, 2022, but Nitin was rejected. Despite giving up, we encouraged Nitin to apply for a review application, as our team was confident in his profile and assumed there must be some mistake while considering his profile. Our endorsement prepared a review petition which ultimately led to a positiveresponse to his review application within less than a month.

  • Jogesh Kumar Pugashendi

    Jogesh Kumar Pugashendi

    Tech Entrepreneur, Analytics & IoT expert

    One more successful Global Talent visa endorsement under the exceptional talent category for Mr Jogesh Kumar Pugashendi, an Indian-based Tech Entrepreneur, Global Analytics Products and IoT Expert. With 15+ years of experience in telecom, manufacturing and media industries across India, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the USA, Mr Jogesh is set to lead in the UK startup ecosystem. Given our promising success rate, Mr Jogesh sought our assistance for his Global Talent visa stage 1 application.

    Getting an endorsement from Tech Nation under the exceptional category requires plenty of preparation and gathering documents, including getting letters of support from industry experts. Mr Jogesh didn’t want to delay his application, so our endorsement experts worked day and night throughout the process to reduce his turnaround time.

    We communicated what steps he needed to gather evidence to support his exceptional claim, and our technical writers worked tirelessly to best present his case for the final submission. The process took only 1 month to complete, and Mr Jogesh received positive news within the stipulated time. Convinced by our technical expertise, commitment and professionalism, Mr Jogesh now wishes to proceed with his stage 2 visa application with us. We look forward to meeting him in the UK and assisting in setting up his operations here.

  • Amit Chawla

    Amit Chawla

    Entrepreneur & Tech Innovator

    We are thrilled to record another successful Global Talent visa endorsement under the exceptional talent category for Mr Amit Chawla, an Indian-based Entrepreneur and Tech Innovator. With 26+ years of specialisation in Banking & Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, manufacturing, and FMCG sectors, Mr Chawla has achieved significant heights in technology innovation.

    Our endorsement experts helped Mr Chawla understand the guidelines of Tech Nation, and despite his doubts about his profile, we ensured that he qualified for the process. We thoroughly assessed his achievements and worked tirelessly to highlight his excellent technical skills and innovation capabilities. Mr Chawla was continuously updated about his application as we helped prepare his recommendation letters from eminent industry leaders.

    Impressed by our technical knowledge and industry presence, Mr Chawla got more determinant for his success, and as promised by us, he received his endorsement within the given timeline. He is now applying for the stage 2 visa application with us and hopes to fly to the UK before the new year.

  • Mervia Thomas

    Mervia Thomas

    Business Strategist

    Extremely happy and excited to share another successful Startup Visa endorsement for a Business Strategist with 10 years of superior customer service and business management experience. With a rare combination of business acumen and technical skills, Mervia Thomas has a solid chance of excelling in her new venture in the UK.


    Ms Thomas wanted to start a business in the UK as the country has a thriving startup ecosystem and is home to many world-leading tech companies. To be 100% sure, she sought assistance from Themis Technologies Ltd as we provide Start-up visa endorsement application support, Business Development support, investment opportunities and ILR assistance after landing in the UK. Upon the first conversation with Ms Mervia, we learned about her business idea, vision for the company and future aspirations in the UK tech sector.



    Our business support team helped her create a great business plan with financial projections, competitive analysis, and market-driving factors. We set up interview sessions, prepared her to answer any questions and helped her gain endorsement. Without any hiccups, Ms Thomas got her endorsement letter within 2 weeks of her application. We congratulate her on this achievement and are eager to support her company.


  • Rinkeshkumar Pravinbhai Patel

    Rinkeshkumar Pravinbhai Patel

    Software Developer

    We are pleased to share one more successful Startup Visa Endorsement for a Software Developer with 12+ years of experience in leading software development initiatives. Mr Rinkeshkumar Patel set out to join the UK’s startup ecosystem, contribute significantly to its innovative side and bring revolutionary products to healthcare.


    Given our extensive background in helping startup founders kick-start their businesses in the UK, Mr Patel reached out to us seeking complete guidance from applying for startup visa endorsement to successfully launching his business in the UK. After the first free consultation call, he clearly understood our process and agreed to move forward with us. Our business specialists interviewed Mr Patel and thoroughly assessed his profile and business idea. Based on the findings, our team ensured Mr Patel that he has a great chance of succeeding in his application. After a series of rigorous brainstorming sessions, we developed a robust business strategy following the requirements of the UK endorsing bodies.



    Along with the business preparation, we supported Mr Patel in his interview prep, created an irresistible pitch and practised presentation with him. Upon his successful application submission in less than a month, he received his endorsement and soon started his visa application with us.


  • Venkatesh Kalluru

    Venkatesh Kalluru

    Software Developer

    One more successful Startup visa endorsement in September for Venkatesh Kalluru, a dynamic technology professional with years of experience in software development. His unparalleled solutions will be a significant addition to the UK digital ecosystem. He will use AI to power his products, which is not used to its fullest extent to provide outstanding features to Freelancers.

    Mr Kalluru came to us hoping to start his own business in the UK. He wants to create a competitive advantage through a highly focused, feature-rich product for freelancers. We quickly learned what Mr Kalluru expected from his business idea and suggested a startup visa application without second guessing. He decided to follow our recommendation. After several further discussions and meetings, we established his point of newness, innovation and viable business model. Our Startup visa endorsement team constantly communicated with Mr Kalluru and ensured that his application forms, procedures and necessary documents were sufficient to meet the requirements of endorsing bodies. Within a month, the entire process was complete, and soon he received his endorsement to apply for the visa.

    We wish Mr Kalluru’s business success; may it win more customers and eventually become the market leader.

  • Boyapati Bharath

    Boyapati Bharath

    Technology Professional

    It gives us immense pleasure to share a successful startup visa endorsement story of Mr Boyapati Bharath, a technology professional with years of experience in different geographies like India and Malaysia. He is all set to offer a highly focused, feature-rich product to freelancers in the UK.

    Following the increased freelancing services in digital technology, we conducted market research and ensured Mr Bharat that his unique competencies in using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer software would help freelancers a great deal. Moreover, we worked with Mr Bharat on the ideation of the business plan that highlights the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform. Throughout the process, Mr Bharat came up with a new idea and had confidence in our process. Our Business Support team and endorsement experts supported, encouraged and guided Mr Bharat throughout the process and continuously refined the business strategy and his interview skills for the best results.

    Mr Bharat was really pleased and confident in the business plan that we developed with her, and he couldn't wait to get started in the UK. We are looking forward to helping him establish his business and assistance in getting ILR.

  • Akinnurun Oluwafemi

    Akinnurun Oluwafemi

    Software Developer & Product Innovator

    Successful Global Talent Visa endorsement approval for a talented software developer and product innovator, Akinnurun Oluwafemi, with over 5 years of experience in designing and developing scalable products for FinTech, Logitech, and wellness industries across Nigeria and the USA.

    Mr Oluwafemi approached Themis Technologies for advice on applying for the Global Talent visa endorsement exceptional category. As a requirement for Global Talent visa endorsement, applicants must show that their innovations caused a significant impact on the business they work/worked for. Also, producing a commercial track record in the technology industry is a stringent process. Although Mr Oluwafemi has a good track record of significant contributions, he struggled with putting the correct documents together. Fortunately, our tech immigration advisors at Themis Technologies had considerable experience guiding clients, giving clarity on what evidence to submit and could offer Mr Oluwafemi pragmatic and obtainable solutions.

    With our help, Mr Oluwafemi received the endorsement letter from Tech Nation and now looking to proceed to stage 2 (visa application). We look forward to assisting him in applying for settlement in the next 3 years.

  • Mahmadramiz Mahmadhanif Saiyed

    Mahmadramiz Mahmadhanif Saiyed


    It’s a proud moment for us as we received our 4th startup visa endorsement in September for Mr Mahmadramiz Mahmadhanif Saiyed, a Developer with rich experience in developing innovative solutions to help small businesses. Now, forward-focussed on offering a robust digital platform to help businesses in the UK to overcome cultural barriers.

    Mr Mahmadramiz engaged with us after a careful review of our services and success rate. While his business idea was based on creating unique competencies to remove cultural barriers, he was unsure of the best way to protect his theory in the eyes of endorsing bodies. After a long and meaningful conversation with our startup specialists, Mr Mahmadramiz found peace of mind and worked with us to refine his business model.

    Our team was highly enthusiastic about helping Mr Mahmadramiz in presenting his innovative approach to capturing the building blocks of cultural intelligence. After brainstorming sessions and virtual interview training, he gained confidence and wooed endorsements. Mr Mahmadramiz has all the skills and support to build a solid foundation. We look forward to helping him settle his startup in the UK.

  • Farhinbanu Najibullakhan Pathan

    Farhinbanu Najibullakhan Pathan

    Product Developer

    We are happy to announce our 3rd startup visa endorsement in September for Ms Farhinbanu Najibullakhan Pathan, an expert Developer with years of experience in Product Development. Her innovative digital platform designed to overcome cultural barriers will provide high-quality training to professionals and organisations to improve skills and competencies in cross-cultural collaboration in the UK.

    Ms Farhinbanu came to us with an idea for a business. Her ultimate goal was to be able to launch her innovative product in the UK, as here was a real market for that product. Having listened to her business outline and past experiences, we ensured Ms Farhinbanu that her business idea was innovative, scalable and viable. We immediately convinced her to work along with us to prepare how to present her concept and herself in interviews with the endorsers. Thanks to our professional business consultants and researchers, we were able to gather several strong arguments in favour of the business idea.

    Following that, our startup visa endorsement team aggressively aided Ms Farhinbanu in preparing the appropriate paperwork and application forms. After completing the application form, she quickly received her Start Up visa endorsement.

  • Managobinda Sethi

    Managobinda Sethi

    Global Cloud Technology Leader

    Team Themis is proud to announce our latest successful Start-up Visa Endorsement for a Global Cloud Technology Leader, Mr Managobinda Sethi, with decades of experience leading large-scale cloud computing projects for companies like IBM and Tech Mahindra, and Wipro. Once again, our professional Start-up visa endorsement consulting team proved that determination and optimistic attitude consistently deliver the best results for our clients. We began discussions with Mr Managobinda Sethi to construct a viable business plan for him based on his professional interests, background, experience, and aspirations, among other things. Before completing the final copy of the business plan, our Start-up consulting team ensured that Mr Managobinda Sethi's vision to provide exceptional and affordable one-stop solutions for all cloud technology management requirements faced by the organisations is best reflected to assist Mr Sethi in obtaining his Start-up visa endorsement.

    Following this milestone, our team of Start-up visa experts proactively assisted in preparing the necessary documents and applications and conducted mock interview sessions with experts for Mr Sethi. After applying, he soon received his Start-up visa endorsement from Home Office Appointed endorsing body - The Shropshire Incubator (Operated by European Innovation Ltd).

  • Gudakesh Ankur Vatsa

    Gudakesh Ankur Vatsa

    Dynamic FinTech Leader

    Adding one more Global Talent Visa Endorsement to our list! We congratulate Mr Gudakesh Ankur Vatsa for his successful Global Talent Visa Endorsement. With 20 years of extensive experience in fintech and investment banking products, Mr Vatsa has worked for globally known companies. He has earned remarkable abilities by working on various products from ideation to execution, technology research, enterprise architecture, building asset digitalisation & custodial services platform, and migrating business applications to Cloud at scale.

    Mr Vatsa contacted us after thoroughly researching Global Talent Visa endorsement experts available in the UK. We promptly and efficiently guided Mr Vatsa through the stage 1 Global Talent visa application procedure, which can be particularly difficult to traverse because of the diverse requirements of the Tech Nation. Over multiple online meetings, we understood Mr Vatsa's past, expectations, and plan and recommended the action plan that best matched his circumstances. We offered clear instructions on the many supporting documents Mr Vatsa was required to submit with his application, ensuring that they contained all of the information and were in the format required by Tech Nation. This includes thoroughly examining and rewriting the documents, advising on the tight criteria governing the process, and double-checking the evidence of exceptional talent.

    Mr Vatsa will be moving to the United Kingdom shortly to continue his outstanding work in the digital technology industry. We will be collaborating in the future to help his new company initiative.

  • Dr Sanghamitra Sethi

    Dr Sanghamitra Sethi

    Technology Professor, Researcher and Author

    Another master stroke by Themis Technologies Ltd expert Start-up Visa Endorsement team. We are excited to share the excellent success story of a Start-up Visa Endorsement for an Indian-based, well-recognised technology professor, celebrated researcher and author, Dr Sanghamitra Sethi. As a PhD holder with decades of academic experience, she is now looking to make a positive difference in the world by using technology to solve problems.


    Dr Saghamitra followed our Start-up visa endorsement team’s recommendation shortly after taking the first free consultation call. Later, throughout the course of many discussions, we found that Dr Saghamitra’s start-up plan will offer powerful insights on infrastructure and applications that help to monitor, optimise and troubleshoot quickly—at the same time, providing access to cloud technology experts by enabling organisations to hire, manage and retain cloud experts globally.



    Our dynamic start-up endorsement team came up with an innovative, scalable and viable idea that combined Dr Sanghamitra’s expectations and expertise in Cloud technology and AI/ML capabilities. After numerous discussions, extensive market research and conducting several mock interviews, Dr Saghamitra gained confidence in our properly documented business model, and within a few weeks of submission, she promptly received her endorsement.


  • Mr. Ishant Rajpal

    Ishant Rajpal

    Senior Product Manager in Fintech

    Announcing yet another Global Talent Visa Endorsement for Mr. Ishant Rajpal, a Senior Product Manager in Fintech, Digital Payments, B2B Marketplace, Logistics, SaaS, and healthcare domains. Mr Ishant Rajpal made a significant impact in driving down costs and increasing the revenue of organizations he worked with. Ishant obtained a Global Talent endorsement from Tech Nation to come to the UK to leverage his experience in conceptualizing and creating Digital Payout Systems and guiding young tech professionals to drive innovation in the UK.


    Ishant reached out to us limited awareness of the UK visa process. One of our specialties is achieving quick turnaround times without sacrificing the quality of our advise and assistance, and we promptly and efficiently guided Ishant through the stage 1 visa application procedure, which can be particularly difficult to navigate when applying without guidance.



    Over multiple online meetings, we gained an understanding of Ishant’s experience, expectations, and plan, and then recommended the choice that best matched his circumstances. We offered clear instructions on the many supporting documents Ishant was required to submit with his application, ensuring that they contained all of the information and were in the format required by Tech Nation.


  • Habib Issa

    Habib Issa

    Innovator Entrepreneur

    Our specialised innovator visa endorsement team recently received the exciting news that Mr Habib Issa's Innovator visa application was approved. Mr Habib Issa notified us during our initial consultation that he had a novel unique company idea and wanted to see whether he could apply for the new Innovator visa. Mr Habib Issa explained that he had been developing an innovative, robust omnichannel conversational platform that provides outstanding customer experience solutions that deliver high-quality results and add value to business organisations worldwide.


    Our endorsement team performed a thorough examination and determined that the Applicant met the conditions for an Innovator visa. We guided the Applicant through the entire procedure and assisted him in obtaining approval from an approved provider. Our business immigration team created detailed business representations and submitted a well-prepared application, which allowed the Applicant to acquire his Innovator visa within two weeks of submission.



    Matching Mr Habib’s excitement to embark on his entrepreneurial journey, we look forward to meeting him in the UK and gain take benefit from his services.


  • Naveen Kumar Sasikumaran Nair

    Naveen Kumar Sasikumaran Nair

    Software Engineer & Innovative Entrepreneur

    We are elated to share another successful Startup visa story; we advised Mr Naveen Kumar, a Software Engineer, on the documents required for the application and represented him with the full application for a successful outcome.

    With a passion for creating products and digital solutions that serve the greater humankind and help society prosper, Mr Naveen Kumar came seeking guidance from us for his StartUp visa application. As a trusted introducer to several endorsing bodies, Themis’ Start-up visa endorsement team ensured Mr Naveen Kumar of his success and carried out his application following a transparent and timely approach.

    His understanding of cutting edge and digital innovative solutions and a unique predictive AI-based PsyPhy digital platform holds the potential to cater for the needs of UK citizens in guiding and supporting people to live healthy with the help of technology. We wish Mr Naveen Kumar all the best to create unique competencies in health predictions and provide one-stop complete health solutions in the UK.

  • Samip Mutha

    Samip Mutha

    Global Digital Business Leader

    We are very happy to record a successful Global Talent Visa Endorsement for Mr Samip Mutha, an expert global digital business leader and innovator. With 18 years of experience across the USA, the UK, Europe, South Africa and India, Mr Samip Mutha has developed ground-breaking digital platforms and solutions using IoT and AI/ML and have won multiple industry awards and international recognition.


    As it is imperative to prepare and submit documents under Tech Nation’s and Home Office criteria, Mr Samip Mutha found comfort with Themis’ Global Talent visa endorsement specialists team to prepare his successful Global Talent visa application. Our team dedicated themselves to achieving Mr Samip’s objectives.



    We drafted several versions of the personal statement to ensure it was persuasive, wrote and reviewed the supporting evidence and RLs, and helped Mr Samip with his CV to demonstrate Mr Samip Mutha’s strength as a candidate of exceptional talent. Less than one month from the submission date, we were notified that Tech Nation had endorsed Mr Samip for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa under the technical skills criteria. We congratulate Mr Samip Mutha on his first successful step towards developing intelligent, innovative products and new business models to generate new revenue streams and positively contribute to the UK’s digital journey.


  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    Conversational AI Expert

    True to our motto “Making each application a Masterpiece”, we assisted Mr Amit Kumar to prepare a successful Global Talent visa application. As an expert in AI with 16+ years of experience in Solutioning and Architecting Artificial Intelligence – Conversational AI, Customer Relationship Management and Digital Payments Solutions, Mr Amit Kumar has made a significant impact in the digital technology sector by building large, innovative and complex digital technology products.


    During the first free consultation, Mr Amit was concerned that, despite his enormous knowledge and experience, it would not be enough to persuade the endorsement body, Tech Nation, that he was 'exceptional.' However, our assessment team established that Mr Amit’s skills are exceptional and are in line with the UK digital technology sector’s current demands.



    Fortunately, our Global Talent visa endorsement team has significant experience advising clients and offering pragmatic and obtainable solutions which were essential for applicants who need clarity on what evidence to submit to effectively demonstrate that the criteria are met.



    With our help, Mr Amit Kumar received the endorsement letter from Tech Nation under Exceptional Talent for Digital Technology. We wish Mr Amit all the best in his future endeavours to make the UK technology landscape greater than before.


  • Puneet Dubey

    Puneet Dubey

    Software Developer and Digital Technology Leader

    We have won a Global Talent Visa Endorsement from Tech Nation for Mr Puneet Dubey, a Passionate Software Developer and Digital Technology Leader. With over 12 years of extensive experience in research and development in IoT(Internet of Things), Machine learning algorithms, Cloud transformation & automation, Android Native application and framework development, Mr Puneet Dubey immensely contributed across different aspects of the digital ecosystem. With never-ending questions in mind, Mr Dubey approached us, believing that we could end his dilemma and offer him peace of mind in his Global Talent Visa Endorsement application. Our Global Talent Visa Endorsement specialists gauged his profile, reassured him that his achievements and skills are in place with Tech Nation requirements, and deduced that Mr Dubey’s deep tech AI product company would help the United Kingdom increase its economic activity.

    We worked closely with Mr Dubey, assisting him in refining his CV, verifying references and polishing recommendation letters; we collated all the relevant documents. We submitted his completed application to Tech Nation upon careful final QA checks. Within weeks, he received a positive response from Tech Nation, enabling Mr Puneet to live his dream through his startup in the UK.

  • Ahmed Shaik

    Ahmed Shaik

    Business Development Manager

    We are incredibly grateful to share another Start-Up visa successful Endorsement story of Mr Ahmed Shaik, an accomplished business leader and Marketing & Business Development professional with vast experience in operations excellence. Mr Ahmed approached our Start-Up Visa Endorsement specialists team after detailed market research for the best endorsement experts in the UK.


    Upon first assessment, our team of Start-Up visa specialists deduced that Ahmed’s Global Tech Talent, online recruitment and employee management platform is a highly innovative approach to provide radical solutions to the growing skill gaps and rising employee costs in the UK tech sector. Keeping in mind this platform’s infusion with cutting edge technology such as AI, RPA and unique offering to make worldwide remote tech hiring, employee onboarding, and offboarding seamless efficiency, we prepared Mr Ahmed’s business plan.


    He received his letter of endorsement within two weeks of application submission. Team Themis wishes him all the best in his exciting startup endeavour in the UK.

  • Muddassir Hussain

    Muddassir Hussain

    Director of Sales

    Themis Technologies continues to accomplish its mission in assisting people with their entrepreneurial dreams. We have helped Mr Muddassir Hussain, an Indian national, in a successful Start-up Visa Endorsement application in the UK. He is a passionate sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in the hotel industry in India and the Middle East. Our team of Start-up Visa Endorsement specialists assisted Mr Muddassir in his ambition to begin his entrepreneurial journey with an innovative, high-growth product that seeks to tackle modern business problems through an innovative business model named Boundless Professional.


    His determination to solve critical problems showed conviction, and our Endorsement specialists teamed up with Mr Muddassir. His debut in the UK startup ecosystem with a digital platform integrated with cutting edge technology and AI holds the potential to be a creative and practical solution for long-distance business travel, resulting in more convenience, safety, and reduced costs. We ensured his success and helped prepare a strong case. Our team went above and beyond to conduct interviews with top endorsing bodies. As a result, Mr Muddassir got endorsed by one of the top endorsing bodies in the UK.

  • Mohammad Fareedudin

    Mohammad Fareedudin

    Innovative Healthtech

    Mohammad Fareedudin is a highly ambitious and passionate MedTech expert with a wealth of experience in microbiology and medical sales. Our team of Start-Up endorsement specialists assisted Mohammad Fareedudin in his attempt to make a difference in society. He is committed to bringing the best solutions for the most challenging societal problems, such as loneliness in the elderly. He has chosen to begin his entrepreneurial journey in the UK with an innovative healthtech product named HealthyAge.

    Themis’ team found the innovation aspect of the company via AI and ML to assess the user's health condition. After comprehensive market research, our team established that Mr Fareedudin’s idea could be endorsed without any complications, and we assured him the favourable results. We assisted Fareedudin to prepare a strong business proposal, and within two weeks, he got his endorsement from the top endorsing bodies in the UK.

  • Adebusola

    Adebusola Daramola-Oniro

    Innovative Entrepreneur

    Adebusola Daramola-Oniru is an emerging innovative entrepreneur whose business idea was innovative and scalable. That helped our team draw up a robust plan for the company that would find solutions to prevailing challenges and eventually generate profit to stay afloat in the UK’s competitive market. Our team of endorsement specialists helped our client build a logical and reliable endorsement application that captured the attention of the endorsing body, resulting in a successful endorsement. Our endorsement specialists team went the extra mile combing through the best strategies, conducting intensive market research and preparing a robust business plan for her company. We wish her all the luck to thrive in the dynamic UK startup ecosystem.

  • Babatunde

    Babatunde Daramola Oniro

    Innovative Entrepreneur

    We are delighted to announce another UK start-up visa endorsement. Our dedicated team of Start-up visa endorsement specialists assisted a Nigerian national to obtain endorsement as an innovator to start his business development and sales solution digital platform in the United Kingdom.

    Babatunde is an emerging innovative entrepreneur with ten years of experience in business development, sales and strategy via various roles. Themis’ Start-Up visa endorsement specialists had a head start in helping Babatunde with his start-up visa endorsement application. He first contacted us to inquire about the Start-up visa UK process.

    Upon a detailed assessment of viability, scalability and uniqueness of his digital platform “LearnSell”, our UK startup visa endorsement experts concluded that “LearnSell” could be a great addition to the UK start-up ecosystem. Embedded with AI, ML and AR technology, this platform offers many innovative personalised features according to the users learning objectives. LearnSell will save precious time for UK customers and save money by eliminating having multiple subscriptions from different vendors to enjoy such services.

    Themis’ endorsement application experts assisted him in preparing an effective business plan, and best presented his case to our affiliated endorsing partners in the UK. Babatunde received his endorsement approval within two weeks of application submission. We wish him all the luck to thrive and grow exponentially in the UK.

  • Shivangi


    Educationalist and Emerging Entrepreneur

    My very grateful thanks to Themis Technologies’ Startup visa endorsement specialists team for their outstanding, pleasant and most professional expertise in securing the UK Startup visa endorsement. I am grateful for their continuous and invaluable support and encouragement throughout what could have been a stressful procedure if it hadn't been for their help.

    As a technologist and an educator in the Cyber Security domain, my vision is to make the cyberworld a safe and secure place for everyone through training and skill development. The growing shortage of cyber security professionals creates a challenging situation for corporations to keep their customer’s data safe and secure. I aspire to bring much-needed awareness and educate people and businesses to stay safe and secure. And to succeed in that, I think no other place than the UK can provide me with the right platform and opportunities. The UK’s startup ecosystem is growing day by day, and skill development training in cybersecurity will help small businesses to thrive.

    Themis’ endorsement specialists worked alongside me and helped me put together and present a strong case for my vision. They double-checked that I fulfilled all of the standards before submitting for a Start-Up Visa Endorsement as a well-presented case that demonstrates that I meet all of the major requirements, resulting in my application being approved quickly.

  • Amit Dalwadi

    Amit Dalwadi

    Tech Entrepreneur

    Themis Technologies Startup Endorsement specialists team assisted us with a successful startup visa endorsement. We chose them because they are the official partner with various Endorsing bodies, with a high pre-approval rate. Thanks to the Themis Technologies expert team, the entire process felt very swift and easy.

    Being from a cybersecurity background with extensive experience in training and skill development, I always wanted to set up a training platform driven by AI technology to assist SMEs and individuals stay ahead of the market. I was overly drawn towards the UK technology sector, which is progressing multifold. Nevertheless, I was not sure how I would achieve this impossible, and I came across Themis Technologies and learned that it is very much achievable with the help of an expert team.

    I am setting up a company in the cyber security domain, a digital platform that will offer skill development programs for individuals and cyber awareness programs for SMEs. Themis’ Endorsement specialists guided our entrepreneurial dream, and they mentored us at each step to bring us closer to our vision. They crafted an excellent business plan with comprehensive market analysis and meticulous presentation of the business's innovative, viability and scalability aspects, which fulfilled both Endorsement Body and Home Office Requirements.

    Their team also helped us prepare for the virtual interview process that helped us show our genuine entrepreneurial spirit to endorsing bodies. Without their support, we couldn’t have achieved our vision.

  • Ankita


    Cyber Security Professional

    Announcing yet another successful Global Talent Visa endorsement by Tech Nation under the Exceptional Promise category for Ms Ankita Singh, cyber security professional with 7+ years of experience.

    We are delighted to announce yet another successful GlobalTalentVisa endorsement by Tech Nation for Ankita Singh.

    We want to applaud our team of experienced professionals who helped draw up various documents needed for the GTV application. They are efficient in understanding the client’s profile and working with it to meet the criteria of acquiring a successful endorsement.

    We wish that all the efforts of Ms Ankita yield a positive outcome to work towards bringing cyber awareness, reducing cybercrime and making the UK tech ecosystem a digitally safer community for SMEs.

    Not to boast, but with the help of an expert Endorsement Team like ours, it’s more pliant to achieve your Global Talent Visa Endorsement.

  • Radha Krishna SiseerMylavarapu

    Radha Krishna SiseerMylavarapu

    Data Scientist

    Radha Krishna is a Data Scientist and a product innovator with over 9 years of solid expertise in building complex analytical models for FinTech and HealthTech organisations globally. He specialises in digital analytics, AI, ML, business analysis, digital platforms, and digital marketing. He is highly enthusiastic about opening a company, offering world-class digital marketing and digital analytics solutions to small and medium-tech companies struggling to increase their online customer base and digital revenue.

    After an unsuccessful first attempt, Mr Radha contacted Themis Technologies for a re-application.

    We went above and beyond to create the documents that would correctly highlight his work experience, skills, achievement, and what he would bring to the tech industry if he were to get endorsed. Our team of endorsement specialists answered all his queries and concerns promptly. We identified the things he overlooked the first time, and with collaboration, we addressed loopholes.

    With careful examination and inspection, our endorsement experts completed the application along with supporting documents and pieces of evidence. We are delighted to present Mr Radha Krishna with a Global Talent Visa-Exceptional Talent Visa endorsement approval in the digital technology field from Tech Nation and Home Office within the promised timeline.

  • Jai Singh Kalura

    Jai Singh Kalura

    Fintech Product Innovator

    Jai is a global product innovation leader with over 19 years of extensive experience in the Financial Technology, Payment Sector, Banking, Identity Management and Retail Sector across the Middle East, UK, USA, Malaysia, Africa and India. He decided to apply for Global Talent Visa but it wasn’t at all easy to find reliable and affordable consulting company and then he connected with us. We genuinely care about people’s talent and dreams and very passionate about helping technologists. We give our 100% to make our clients life hassle free. Clients get their Global Talent Visa with absolutely zero hinderance. Our team invested their full attention and dedication to get him a successful endorsement.

  • Ritma Ravi

    Ritma Ravi

    Digital Transformation Leader

    We are Excited and Proud to announce an incredible success story of Global Talent Visa endorsement for a Global Digital Transformation Leader with over 13+ years of experience leadership record in Enterprise-wide global business transformation and innovative digital programmes.

    Hence proved "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”

    Everyone thought she was ineligible and that if she applies, Tech Nation certainly reject her application, but our Endorsement Experts with their years of combined experience and expertise have made it possible for our client to get this prestigious recognition from TechNation

    Ms Ritma, Global Digital Transformation Leader based in the UK today received her Endorsement Approval and Recognition as the EXCEPTIONAL TALENT in the field of Digital Technology from TechNation.

    For us, this is a very motivating time, and we'd like to thank all of our endorsing specialists for their tremendous contributions.

  • Chandan Khanna

    Chandan Khanna

    Technology Entrepreneur

    We are extremely excited to share with you the good news that grazed our mailbox today- 3rd Endorsement Approval from TechNation in a week. All of our hard work paid off!!

    We are thrilled to have received this fantastic news, especially when it is commonly believed that a positive endorsement is always next to impossible. Our endorsement experts have made it possible for our client to get recognition from TechNation as an Exceptional Talent in the Digital Technology sector Mr Chandan Khanna is a Technology Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in EduTech and FinTech product innovation, business development, revenue and growth.

    This is a highly motivating moment for us; we would like to appreciate and thank all of our endorsement experts for their excellent contributions.

  • dd

    Oriyomi Fowler

    Cyber Security Expert

    Oriyomi Fowler is an Information Security Leader with more than 12 years’ experience in Telecommunications, Information Communication & Technology, Security within Refinery and FMCG sectors across Africa. He is the Group Head of Information Security & Network Operations at Dangote Group, the largest conglomerate in the African continent. Headquartered in Lagos operates over 18 subsidiaries in ten African countries with more than 30,000 people, generating revenue in excess of US$4.1 billion, he is leading end-to-end IT Infrastructure, Network Services, technology risk management, information protection, and security assurance which span across 10 countries and over 80 sites with assets of over $21B.

    Initially he was sceptical about the Global Talent Visa, but as soon as the process started, he knew he made the right choice. Our team went all extra mile to help him prepare all documents as per the requirement of Tech Nation which helped him get an endorsement. We submitted his endorsement application within the committed timeline and as per the promised quality.

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